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Controlling keys to your chastity belt:
Putting on a chastity belt for submissive, retaining keys and being in contact during time of lockdown and opening lock in the end of agreed period. It is also possible to set various tasks as conditions for chastity belt removal. In basic arrangement you will lock yourself up and send the key to D or M.  The key and it will not be returned to you even if you wish that to happen. D or M will be in contact with you in agreed frequency during locked period. It is also possible to have Mistress Spandau or Master Paganus to lock you up (HQ of operations is in Finland.)

Long distance tasks via email/skype/chat:
In agreed frequency you will receive a task you have to complete. Tasks can include for example exhibitionism, self torture or humiliation, depending on your needs. You will report to us about your task's success or failure within given time. Most tasks will be documented by photographs so they can be confirmed as successes. Your face does not need to show, unless it is your wish. 

Online session via chat or skype:
In a session we are in live contact via chat or skype. D will not send video, but submissive can send his/her picture if willing to do so, without additional cost. Session works with cybersex-idea; in interaction we will Dominate you with tasks and verbally depending on the situation.

Forced fitness:

We create a strict diet & exercise program for you and we will force it upon you. We control your obedience via weight, food and exercise log. Severe, cruel and unusual punishments will be given to you in form of self torture & humiliation tasks if our program is not followed by the letter. 

Financial slavery:
This is for those who want to be in submission or feel humiliated financially. M or D will use you in their advantage and you have to humbly accept it. We will boast about the things we have acquired with your funds and send you photos of them. 
In this option you must first convince us that you can really afford it and that this does not actually seriously harm your life.
This is most likely too expensive for you.