Different Domination Services

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Standard service

 - Includes one email every day. Pricing is based on time used, approximately 30min/email.  Standard service includes observing chastity belt usage. 10€/day. 

Additional services
- Designing and observation of distant Domination tasks. (Observation period may vary depending on the task.) 12€ / task
- Forced fitness 5€ / day
- Chat - session 50€ / 30 min (1 Dom present)
- Skype - session 75€ / 30 min (1 Dom present)
- Installing chastity belt 100€ 
- Removing chastity belt 100€
- Customer installs chastity belt and mails keys to Dom + key is returned via mail. 20€ 
- Removing chastity belt/returning keys before agreed time period has ended 500€
- Financial slavery - probably more than you can afford. 

One week package    100€                                                         One week + package 125€
Includes standard service + three distant Domination tasks.             Includes standard service, three distant Domination tasks and one 30 min
                                                                                                   chat session with  D or M. 

All services include three free messages for setting up our service contract. This limit is due the fact, that some have tried to abuse our service in false pretense, without actual intention to become our customer. 

Method of payment:
All services are paid up front via paypal - service. You can either use your paypal account or we can send you an paypal - invoice that you can pay with your credit card. We do not give credit.